Sure Signal recently turned off?

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Previously, Sure Signal, a device also known as a ‘Femtocell’ has been the “go-to” solution for improving 3G mobile phone signal throughout your home or office building.

With Vodafone NZ recently ending their support of the Vodafone Sure Signal, there may be a lot of Femotcell users wondering what they are now going to do?

Availability of this device is now being phased out to welcome a new solution for mobile users across New Zealand.

Introducing Cel-Fi, an exciting new, carrier approved, product range available to mobile users in need of boosted reception at home, in the office or on the go.

Powertec Telecommunications first brought this product line to the New Zealand market in 2013. Since then, a new and improved range has become available for use on Spark, Vodafone and 2 Degrees networks.

Cel-Fi GO boosts signal directly from mobile phone towers, compared to Sure Signal which uses ADSL/ Fibre connection to create the boosted signal.

Powertec is excited to bring this product to the market as it holds a multitude of benefits for users including safety, security and peace of mind at work, home and on the go!

Cel-Fi GO is the only legally available retail 3G/4G mobile phone repeater available in New Zealand.

4 thoughts on “Sure Signal recently turned off?

  1. Powertec Telecommunications says:

    our club has a weather station which has vodafone simm card phone for transmitting weather infomation to who ever rings it BUT there seems to be signal strength problem as it keeps dropping of line

    • Powertec Telecommunications says:

      Thank you for your question. Yes, Cel-Fi GO will work to boost your existing mobile phone signal. Using an external antenna, the Cel-Fi GO will capture the signal from the nearby cell tower, boost this signal and then feed this back to your mobile phone via an internal antenna.

  2. Powertec Telecommunications says:

    Hi, I’m possibly looking at purchasing a property with no cell phone reception at all, would your product help get a signal to the cell towers so we could use our phones?

    • Powertec Telecommunications says:

      The Powertec Telecommunications team draft a variety of tailored solutions, our team will be more than happy to assist with this installation and will be in touch with you soon via your provided email address.

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