Powertec offers a range of Gateways to provide voice and internet solutions where a landline-based connection is not available, or where the copper network has been converted to the NBN.

The gateways act as an interface between multiple connectivity options including VOIP, 3G/4G, E1/PRI, ISDN/BRI and PSTN networks on a single platform.

Common solutions we offer include:

phone system to mobile network or nbn

The Matrix and 2N Gateways allow a phone system to make and receive calls transparently without a landline connection. They utilise a sim card and provide dial tone to the phone system via a PSTN, BRI, PRI or VoIP connection. They also support flexible and intelligent Least Cost Routing (LCR) which has been proven to lead to significant cost savings and round-the-clock connectivity.  The gateways can support a single mobile line for the smaller gateways, up to 32 mobile lines for the larger gateways using primary rate (but can go up to 48 if using VoIP.).

If the NBN has replaced a traditional copper connection, then the Matrix range of VoIP gateways offer a way to connect a traditional phone system to the NBN network.

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