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Cel-Fi Solution for a QLD Energy Company

Business Needs

At this Sunshine coast branch; poor reception, causing call dropouts, have been an issue. The inconsistency of service is having a negative impact on efficiency and a major cause of frustration for the staff.

After visiting the site, Powertec certified installer, Signal Fox, designed a solution utilising the Cel-Fi GO Stationary Repeater.

Cel-Fi Solution

Two GO Stationary Repeaters were installed with an external Blackhawk antenna and several indoor ceiling antennas, that spread the signal throughout the building.

The solution provided immediate results by flooding the boosted signal throughout the office. The office staff are now able to make and receive calls without the frustrating dropouts. Data speeds have also been improved allowing solid video streaming.


Powertec have access to a number of installers across Australia who specialise in mobile coverage and Wi-Fi installations.

For a referral to a local expert on mobile solutions in your area, please contact us sales@powertec.com.au.


  • Provide reliable and consistent mobile phone connectivity
  • Offering a cost-effective solution

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