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Customer Solutions

Every day we become more reliant on communication via our mobile phone, so problems like dropped calls, slow internet or patchy signal we prefer to avoid. Common phone signal blockers include glass windows and window tinting, undulating terrain, other electronic devices, thick concrete walls and distance from the nearest cell tower. Look no further! Cel-Fi GO is the ideal product to boost and distribute a 3G/4G mobile signal within your home, office or vehicle. Suffer no longer! Supporting voice and mobile internet for multiple mobile devices and boosting your indoor mobile coverage has never been easier. Whether you’re way out in Pimpinbudgie or in the centre of the action, Powertec has a solution for you. With just one upfront payment you own the device outright – with no recurring fees – just happiness. The Powertec team have pioneered some of the most innovative mobile and wireless broadband systems on the planet. We can deliver legal coverage solutions for all Australian carriers. We’d love the opportunity to work on your project. Speak to Powertec today and receive support and experience from the largest distributor of Cel-Fi products in the world.
For Homes

Tired of walking to a specific part of your home or even outside just to get phone signal? Powertec Telecommunications offers a large range of Cel-Fi GO home packs designed specifically to capture and disperse a boosted mobile signal throughout your home. Call (07) 5577 0500 today to learn more about improving your mobile phone signal at home.

View our range of Cel-Fi GO home packs here.
For Vehicles

If you enjoy travelling outside city limits, you’ll understand the frustration of patchy or non-existent mobile reception. Introducing Cel-Fi GO, a Mobile Signal Repeater, the ideal product to boost and distribute a 3G/4G mobile signal. You’ll never again have to move or stay in a certain spot to make and receive calls or worry when you decide to take a drive off the beaten track.

View our range of Cel-Fi GO vehicle packs here.
For Offices

Having trouble with your mobile phone signal in your office? Look no further than a Cel-Fi GO office and building pack. These packs have been tailored to provide improved signal throughout your entire office. Single and multi-carrier solutions are available, see the steps below to get boosted with Cel-Fi GO today.

View our range of Cel-Fi GO office packs here.
For Large Business

Powertec Telecommunications offers both complete turnkey and custom Cel-Fi solutions to suit almost any environment. Our sales and project management team are available to conduct site surveys to design each solution to ensure your building receives a significant increase in mobile phone signal. These custom designs are ideal for multi-storey buildings, warehouses, retail shopping centres, hospitals and medical centres and other large-format buildings.

View our range of Cel-Fi GO large business packs here.
For Marine

Stay connected when you’re out on the water with Cel-Fi GO. Powertec have a range of marine solutions that can help provide offshore coverage up and down the coastline for the day-tripper or the long-haul traveller. Stay updated on the latest weather and port information and keep in touch with clients and employees on the go. Cel-Fi GO is suitable for smaller boats, yachts, cruise ships, commercial ships, fishing ships and more..

View our range of Cel-Fi GO marine packs here.
Follow these simple steps and
get boosted with Cel-Fi GO today!
  • Step 1:

    Contact Powertec on 099516205 or sales@powertec.com.au for a FREE quote and assessment based on your home address or building location

  • Step 2:

    Choose to install the device yourself or use an authorise Powertec installer.

  • Step 3:

    Download the Cel-Fi WAVE app onto your device

    Never miss or lose an important phone call because of coverage issues again! You’ll also enjoy
    increased data speeds, extended mobile phone battery life and improved voice quality.