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Boosting Mobile Signal

In today’s connected world, reliable mobile phone service is essential to both business and home where a single phone call can make or break a deal or put a worrying mind at ease.

One of the great challenges of living in such an enormous country has always been keeping in touch. Once a day’s journey to the nearest town, mobile technology now gives us the opportunity to instantly connect with friends, family, and colleagues anywhere in the country.

But a mobile network can only be built to cover so far. Many of us can find ourselves out west, behind hills, in the bush, or even a basement where phone signal can’t reach. True to the pioneering spirit that built this nation, Australians don’t give up – we innovate and overcome.

Introducing Powertec Mobile Coverage Solutions

As the largest distributor of all Cel-Fi products in Australia, Powertec Telecommunications is helping Australians enjoy full mobile phone signal in their vehicles, boats, offices and homes.

The Cel-Fi PRO could be installed in about five minutes anywhere at least one bar of signal was available, providing crystal clear mobile service in an area the size of a large house. For locations far from the cell tower or underground, Powertec developed high performance external antennas which could be installed on the roof to connect to distant and weak signals – even as far as 100 kilometres from the nearest tower.

Several generations of Cel-Fi technology have now passed, with installation now easier and mobile service stronger than ever. There are three models available which you can learn about below.

Cel-Fi PRO

The most popular type of Cel-Fi to improve coverage inside your home is the PRO model. This model has two components.

The first, called the Network Unit is placed somewhere in the house such as near a window, where at least one bar of signal can be found. Its job is to pick up this weak signal and send it to the second part, called the Coverage Unit.

The Coverage Unit is placed in the middle of the house or where signal is needed most. It receives the signal and boosts it to a full 5 bar strength. The two units talk with each other wirelessly, and you don’t need any special skill or tools to install.

If you can’t find a spot with even a weak signal don’t worry. Powertec can provide a high-performance antenna to pick up distant signal undetectable by an ordinary phone. This type of antenna is installed on the roof of the building and connected to the Network Unit by a cable, similar to how a TV is connected to an aerial on the roof.

To make sure improving your phone signal is stress-free, Powertec work with hundreds of qualified installers across the country and can arrange the whole solution for you.

Cel-Fi GO

One of the most exciting developments in mobile technology came when in 2017 Powertec launched the Cel-Fi GO model. This model is a single solid block of electronics which has a signal input and a signal output.

The beauty of this device meant that for the first time ever mobile phone signal could be boosted in a small area, such as inside a car or truck. The model is connected by a cable to an antenna on the roof of the vehicle to pick up the weak signal, and a small antenna carefully positioned inside to provide full coverage to everyone in the car.

Because of its cabled design, GO can be built as part of a mobile coverage distribution system, called a DAS (Distributed Antenna System). This made it the go-to solution for tough jobs, like basement car parks, train tunnels, multi-storey buildings, apartment complexes, and hotels. A signal could be split up and distributed to any number of building floors or rooms, and output using ceiling antennas no bigger than a smoke detector.


Our team is very proud to introduce a brand new model called Cel-Fi QUATRA.

The QUATRA is nothing short of a revolution to how mobile phone coverage is improved in bigger buildings. Historically DAS systems, even those using the Cel-Fi GO, were complex to install – technicians had to have a deep understanding of RF system design, to ensure signal was transmitted to the right locations at the right strength.

QUATRA changes the game. The system comprises of one main Network Unit and up to four Coverage Units. Each Coverage Unit is positioned where signal improvement is needed and connected to the Network Unit by Ethernet cable – no different to an ordinary WiFi access point.QUATRA changes the game. The system comprises of one main Network Unit and up to four Coverage Units. Each Coverage Unit is positioned where signal improvement is needed and connected to the Network Unit by Ethernet cable – no different to an ordinary WiFi access point.

Each Coverage Unit listens and adjusts its power level to ensure harmonious coexistence with others. For large buildings requiring more than four units each Network Unit self-adjusts, ensuring stress-free operation.

In fact, the Cel-Fi QUATRA can use a building’s existing structured cabling meaning covering a high-rise building can take as little as a few hours. There’s no need to be a specialised installer, the plug-and-play design means now anyone can enjoy full mobile phone service no matter how big or complex your building is.

As the QUATRA is considered an extension of the mobile company’s network, Powertec work with their engineering team to arrange the solution on your behalf. We can then arrange a local partner to install the system and check it meets the operator’s performance criteria.

Contact us for custom and
temporary solutions

In addition to the systems we’ve talked about above, Powertec are specialists in developing unique and custom mobile coverage solutions.

The Powertec team have pioneered some of the most innovative mobile and wireless broadband systems on the planet. We can deliver systems on a range of temporary and moveable platforms including communications trailers, temporary towers, and aerostat balloons.

Contact Powertec on 099516205 or sales@powertec.com.au and receive support and experience from the largest distributor of Cel-Fi products in the world.