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Cameras & CCTV

Cameras & CCTV is a diverse category that encompasses a wide range of surveillance and monitoring equipment. From high-resolution network cameras to advanced wildfire detection systems, this category offers products designed to keep homes, businesses, and outdoor spaces safe and secure.

One of the key products in this category is the Insight Robotics Thermal + Smoke Wildfire Detection System [Insight FD 3], which utilizes thermal imaging technology to detect wildfires in their early stages, helping to prevent widespread damage. For indoor and outdoor surveillance, there are options like the Milesight AI Colour Vandal-proof Mini Bullet Network Cameras, which come in various resolutions and features to meet different needs.

In addition to bullet cameras, there are also dome cameras like the Milesight AI IR Mini Dome Network Camera, which offers weather-proof and vandal-proof features for enhanced durability. For panoramic views, the Milesight AI 180° Panoramic Mini Dome Network Cameras provide comprehensive coverage of large areas.

For those looking for wireless options, TP-Link offers a range of WiFi-enabled cameras like the VIGI C540-W Full-Colour WiFi Pan/Tilt Network Camera, which allows for flexible installation without the need for cables. The TAPO C420S2 Smart Wire-Free Security Camera System takes it a step further with completely wire-free cameras for easy installation.

Whether you need a simple home security system or advanced surveillance for a commercial property, the Cameras & CCTV category has a wide selection of products to choose from, ensuring that you can find the right solution for your monitoring needs.
  • Insight Robotics Thermal + Smoke Wildfire Detection System [Insight FD 3]

    Robotics Cats Limited

    Insight Robotics Thermal + Smoke Wildfire Detection System [Insight FD 3]

    Wildfire Detection System Insight FD 3 Combining advanced electro-optical (EO) and infrared (IR) sensors with enhanced smoke detection algorithms and automatic hot spots detection, a new generation of Wildfire Detection System InsightFD 3 is the leading...
    SKU: IOT-IR-00001
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