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Leaning on our 28 years of experience solving coverage issues in remote and regional Australia, Powertec’s Software Engineering team have developed the Powertec National Coverage Model, which is available exclusively to our clients.

The National Coverage Model (NCM) provides an interactive coverage map of Telstra, Optus, and Vodafone-TPG 4G and 5G networks accurate to 15 metres across the entire country. NCM provides a number of layers which can be toggled to provide a visual representation of key performance metrics of a cellular network. For example, layers are provided for Signal Strength (RSRP), Mobile Data Speed (Peak Data Rate), Tower Coverage (Best Serving Sector), Frequency Band, among others.With our algorithms tuned from thousands of kilometres of drive-testing, our engineers use this model to accurately survey and plan out 4G-5G technology solutions anywhere in the country.

NCM National LTE Coverage Map

Bulk Site Analysis

NCM allows Powertec to provide batch-analysis of thousands of sites simultaneously, allowing your team to access accurate predictions of 4G-5G signal or device performance, in many cases avoiding the need for a physical technician visit entirely.

A CSV output file lists network characteristics such as the best serving base station, signal strength, quality, and data speed, along with installation parameters such as antenna azimuth and tilt.

NCM 3D View Path

NCM Ariel View of celluar coverage

Compare Expected Coverage

Selecting a network operator for your large-scale rollout means evaluating coverage against cost. NCM provides an impartial and empirically backed mechanism to compare the coverage and performance of Australian mobile networks anywhere within the country. NCM can help you determine the availability of each network in each location and avoid costly service calls.

Simulate your Device

We can develop performance comparisons between different UE devices, scientifically quantifying the coverage and performance benefits of higher device categories, larger antennas, higher order MIMO, and more.

Tailored PDF Analyses

Planning out site communications can be a major headache for IT departments. Powertec can produce detailed PDF reports for each site, with our RF team performing a thorough personalised investigation of network performance and recommendation of associated equipment to mitigate any identified challenges.

Reports can help not only address performance at a specific location, but more broadly assess performance in a given area to help planning of site office positioning, and site-wide communications.

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Pricing for the NCM - Cover Checker costs $55/m per user or $220/m per user for the Professional plan.
Powertec Account Customers, please contact our CRM Team for subscribing to the NCM

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