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Test & Measurement

The Test & Measurement category encompasses a wide range of devices and tools designed to accurately assess and analyze various parameters within different systems. Whether it is testing the strength of a cellular signal or measuring the performance of a network scanner, these products play a crucial role in ensuring efficiency and reliability in various industries.

Products within this category, such as the Nextivity CEL-FI COMPASS XR and WilsonPro Cellular Network Scanner 5G, are equipped with advanced features and technology to provide precise measurements and data. These tools are essential for professionals working in telecommunications, IT, engineering, and many other fields where accuracy and reliability are paramount.

The Nextivity CEL-FI COMPASS XR is a powerful tool utilized for testing and optimizing cellular signal strength. This device allows users to quickly and easily assess signal quality, identify areas with weak coverage, and improve overall signal reception. By utilizing the latest technology, the CEL-FI COMPASS XR ensures that users can effectively troubleshoot signal issues and optimize their cellular network performance.

On the other hand, the WilsonPro Cellular Network Scanner 5G is designed to scan and analyze cellular networks, providing users with detailed information about signal strength, network availability, and performance metrics. This device is essential for those working in the telecommunications industry, allowing them to identify network issues, optimize network performance, and ensure reliable connectivity for users.

Overall, the Test & Measurement category offers a range of products that are essential for professionals who require accurate measurements and data analysis in their day-to-day operations. These tools play a critical role in ensuring the efficiency, reliability, and performance of various systems, making them indispensable in a wide range of industries.
  • Nextivity CEL-FI COMPASS XR Nextivity CEL-FI COMPASS XR Angle


    Nextivity CEL-FI COMPASS XR

    The CEL-FI COMPASS XR scanning receiver is the complete solution to enable integrators to install and optimise CEL-FI cellular and public safety coverage systems. A convenient tool in a lightweight and portable package, it can be used globally to deploy...
    SKU: RPR-CF-00859
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