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More Smart Cities Online with Altai

With an aim to make people’s live more convenient and to boost the local economy, the municipal government of a Northern China city has the plan to adopt different applications in the city to become a smart city.

The aim is to provide free Wi-Fi hotspots for local residents, tourists and enterprises in city centre

Since it required large Wi-Fi coverage and high capacity, the solution provider has chosen Altai Super WiFi Solution due to its superior long range and outstanding performance. Three prime locations in the city center were selected as the pilot sites of this smart city project. The area included a convention center (indoor Wi-Fi) and two public squares (outdoor Wi-Fi). The free Wi-Fi services were launched early this year; it provides free internet connectivity to local residents and visitors in these areas.

The Challenge

  • A large number of simultaneous users
  • Large area coverage including both indoor and outdoor areas in three locations
  • Maintains low CAPEX and OPEX

Overview – Smart Cities Application

In order to do so, a fully connected network is the critical enabler for these smart city applications. Trenching and wiring a city can be very expensive, wireless transmission is often the best and fastest way to connect the city. The municipal government has assigned a leading solution provider to design and build the Wi-Fi network for its smart city project.

The Altai Super WiFi smart cities solution covers three prime locations in the city center to provide free Wi-Fi services. There are over 2,000 simultaneous users with an average speed of 1Mbps per users during the peak hours. The products used were the Altai A8-Ein, C1n and access controllers.



The Solution

In the convention center, Altai C1n’s are used as C1n’s are mounted on the ceiling hangers in the exhibition hall and the hall entrance to maximise the Wi-Fi coverage. For the two public squares, Altai A8-Ein’s are installed on the rooftop and the wall of the buildings facing the public squares to provide large area outdoor Wi-Fi coverage.

Furthermore, two access controllers are deployed for access management, providing secure admission and service control across these Wi-Fi networks.

The Result

The Altai Super WiFi smart cities solution covers the indoor and outdoor areas in three locations by using 23 x C1n and 7 x A8-Ein. The wireless networks can support up to 2,000 concurrent users in total with an average speed of 1Mbps per users.

Owing to the superior network coverage of the patented Altai long range technologies, therefore less access points are required per square kilometer, resulting in lower upfront capital investment and operating cost.

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