Government Wireless Connectivity Solutions

Improve local stakeholder communications. Help remote government workers.

Achieving High Standards in Community Communications

Not every government office in Australia has reliable wireless networks, which can frustrate employees in their efforts to serve their constituents. Many local councils and shires have offices in regional areas where poor connectivity interrupts their ability to provide timely community services.

Powertec can supply government departments, local councils, and municipalities with customised configurations to ensure all mobile phone signals and Wi-Fi access connection points are reliable.

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Enabling Connectivity in Council Facilities

Governments provide civic services to the local community. These services include educational sessions in local community halls, keeping libraries open, and operating recreational facilities such as parks and sports grounds.

This makes the need for wireless connectivity a necessity. With different sizes of these facilities and locations, Powertec can advise government bodies on the most cost effective wireless connectivity solutions.

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Eliminate Work Stress of Unreliable Connectivity

While government departments can be bureaucratic, there is nothing more frustrating than having call drop outs due to your poor mobile phone coverage. Powertec’s government wireless connectivity solutions can help reduce the stress and disturbance of having to take calls outside to get better reception.

Our expert team can advise you on a complete range of roof towers and masts to pair with Wi-Fi access points.

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Remote Government Council Workers

Your local council is responsible for weekly rubbish and waste collections. With an emphasis on the environment and recycling, ensuring council workers have strong mobile phone signals to communicate while out in the field is extremely important.

A better-connected workforce ensures communications with team members are much more efficient.

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Solar Powered Wireless Connections for Government

Solar and wind powered energy systems are the cleanest and greenest source of energy that help power your government offices, community facilities or depot buildings. Solar powered devices are becoming more and more popular, since they improve efficiency and are more affordable than every before.

Where it is too expensive or too remote to connect to mains power, installing a solar powered energy system can be an economical solution for government – particularly in rural and regional communities.

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