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Tailored Wi-Fi solution for Sydney Movie Production Company

Business Needs

From script to screen, working on-set for a blockbuster film is an all hands-on deck production. During the early stages of a new feature, the production secretary identified a need for on-set portable Wi-Fi. The company were hoping to provide a reliable wireless internet signal to up to 14 team members at one time.

The device would also need to be portable so that the team could take it from screen set to the production theatre and on the road. Anywhere they need to go the box would need to go with them. An off the shelf solution was not available, so a customised Wi-Fi solution was created.


  • Create a portable Wi-Fi solution that can be used simultaneously by up to 14 users
  • Cover a radius of up to 250 metres
  • Achieve capable data speeds up to 300mbps
  • Controlled data usage per user

Products Used:

  • Robustel modem/ router products
  • Programmable switch
  • Altai Wi-Fi Access Point
  • Blackhawk Trucker Edge Antenna

Business Benefits

Powertec were successfully able to meet all the requirements of the Sydney Movie Production Company.

The creation of this device enabled the production team to complete all the filming for the movie, in and around Sydney, without any connectivity issues. By offering complete flexibility and significantly improving time management, the filming was completed within the necessary timeframe.

The Solution

Over a period of a week, Powertec’s technical expert, Geoff Carroll turned around a Powertec first – portable Wi-Fi in a box. The design successfully allows up to 256 people, within a 250 metre radius to use the Wi-Fi connection. The fast and reliable internet connection is suitable for streaming data, sending and receiving emails and general connectivity for web searching and social connectivity. All users need to do is plug the box into a 12V plug (car cigarette lighter) or via a 240V adapter and it is ready to go. The Wi-Fi box is also password protected, so only authorised users can sign in and access the device.

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