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Case Study – M2M Smart Lighting System

Business Profile

Street lighting is one of the biggest expenses of local governments. In order to save costs on maintenance and reduce energy cost, a particular solution was called for to monitor the status of remote lighting in real time and control the light in a variety of ways – specifically with regards to brightness levels, adjustment of on/off timing, Notification of Lamp Failure, Consumed Energy, Lamp Burning Hours.

The typical operating map is shown below:

  • R3000 Dual SIM Router provides stable 3G/GPRS communications.
  • RobustLink (Centralised M2M management platform) installed in Control Center is used for remote monitoring.
  • Ruggedised design secures reliable performance in harsh environment.

Critical Requirements for a Smart Lighting System

Robustel products can provide a wireless solution to enable a complete smart street lighting system.

Through the Robustel R3000 series router, the status of data could be constantly transmitted via cellular network.

With a RobustLink platform installed in the control center, the remote lighting could be monitored and controlled intelligently.

Meanwhile, maintenance resources could be managed more effectively according to the lamp data which could be collected remotely.

Robustel Solution

Robustel R3000 router and RobustLink platform help to build up a remote monitoring and control system with real-time and stable data transmission.

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