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Improve Productivity with Boosting Mobile Signals

Consistent mobile phone connectivity and reliable wireless access are critical to operating an efficient agribusiness. Working outdoors with mobile phones and tablets when testing, measuring and monitoring crops or production processes in rural areas is a necessity.

Ag-tech is transforming rural industries, and Powertec has the expertise in consulting and management in outdoor building connectivity solutions.

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Wireless Access for Multiple Devices

Whether planting, cultivating, or harvesting crops, farmers are depend on multiple mobile devices to succeed. The need for 3G/4G wireless access is mission critical for farmers to diagnose the health of livestock and monitor crop growth.

From wheat farmer to viticulturists, the reliability of voice and data connectivity is key to your productivity. Powertec distribute a range of mobile broadband products which were built to withstand temperatures up to 65°C, featuring stainless steel waterproof casings with a built-in heater for clearing ice makes. We understand climate change brings challenging weather patterns, which is why we provide solutions to keep you connected in these extreme weather conditions.

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Internet of Things for Agribusinesses

All agribusinesses depend on water. Droughts throughout Australia in recent years have heightened the importance for technology to deliver solutions. Powertec provides hardware for farmers measuring borehole level and reservoir level monitoring. The Transducer Level Sensor Kit is a floating device that measures liquid level/pressure, temperature, and electrical conductivity.

Farmers can use this unit to also measure water mains pressure measurement in inspection chambers, power level and outlet pressure measurement on submersible pumps. Powertec has extensive experience with designing and delivering Internet of Things (IoT) solutions.

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Customised WiFi Access Solutions for Farms

Tending to your cows in shed on a dairy farm, livestock inside a barn, or checking on vegetables grown indoors at a nursery requires wireless access to connect your laptop or tablet to work remotely. Powertec can provide advice on the right wireless network access points, WiFi base stations, and antennas that will work best with your agribusiness.

Powertec uses advanced radio modelling software to design WiFi networks that not only account for obstructions but leverage reflective surfaces to eliminate dead spots and provide high speed reliable wireless communication.

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Mobile Repeaters for Tractors and Harvesters

Powertec understand you can spend long hours in tractor cabins when cultivating the land or in a large combine harvesters. Having the right mobile repeater to boost your mobile phone signal is imperative to being able to communicate with fellow workers and family. Powertec are one of the largest suppliers of CEL-FI mobile repeaters for vehicles.

The CEL-FI GO system compromises of one box and uses an external and internal antenna. Typically mounted at a high point, the external antenna captures the signal from a nearby cellular tower. This signal feeds through to the CEL-FI GO which boosts this signal; this then distributes via the internal antenna.

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