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Data Solution for Homestead in Coolah NSW

Mobile Coverage & Data Solution for Homestead in Coolah NSW

The small town of Coolah (population 910) is situated approx. 100km North of Mudgee and 100km South of Gunnedah. It is one of a number of towns claiming to be “beyond the black stump”.

And there can be no argument that folk in the Coolah area often find themselves on the wrong side of decent mobile and data services.

On a large Homestead in Coolah NSW owned by the Reynolds family, a daily struggle was taking place to access decent wireless internet and mobile signal for a home run business including breeding exceptional quality cattle.

Business Data Needs

The Reynolds family desperately needed both high speed internet access and mobile coverage to run their home business from their office on their Coolah property. They had no mobile coverage and very poor quality NBN satellite access for their data needs.

They contacted Haddcorp T/as Telstra Business Centre North West (TBCNW) to review their options and provide a solution.

In reviewing the site TBCNW found no usable signal around the house but discovered a usable mobile signal on a hill situated 600m from the house.  This then provided TBCNW with the basis to capture this signal and direct it towards the homestead where it could be utilised in full by the business.

Product/s Used

    • Cel-Fi GO for Telstra Stationary Model 3G 850 /4G 700/1800Mhz (boosting a single band at a time)
    • 4 x Blackhawk Yagi 698 – 960 MHz 15dBi Antennas
    • Robustel R2000 Dual Sim 3G/4G/4GX
    • Solar Pack 3 12/24V 200W 105ah sourced from Powertec Telecommunications.

The Solution

Where it is too expensive or too remote to connect to mains power, installing a solar powered energy system can be an economical solution – particularly in rural and regional communities. The site on the hill was a perfect case in point where a solar power energy source was built to power the products needed to boost and disburse the mobile and data signal.

The Cel-Fi GO stationary model is the strongest repeater on the market.  With up to 100dB of gain, it is the best solution and the only legal retail option to boost mobile signal strength.

A total of 4 x Blackhawk Yagi antennas were used – 1 was set up to receive the mobile signal, and 3 were set up to repeat the signal in a 90 degree range. This set up provided over a kilometre of mobile coverage – directly into the homestead.

A Robustel was installed in the solar box which was connected to a Ubiquiti Radio link which is beaming high speed 4GX down to the main homestead. At the homestead end the radio connected into a switch and supplied 4 Wi-Fi access points to completely cover the house with high speed Wi-Fi. We tested speeds of up to 60mbps In the house using this setup.

There are multiple dwellings on the large property and Robustel is now supplying data for all dwellings via wireless links.

Cel-Fi GO is a state of the art, very complex “Smart Repeater” and is approved by Telstra if installed correctly.
It is guaranteed to provide massive signal enhancement in poor reception areas, however incorrect installation may significantly reduce performance.
Installation of a Cel-Fi GO is best done by a qualified installer. Only qualified Powertec Telecommunication Resellers who have undertaken product training on the required precautions should perform installation of the Cel-Fi GO.

Contact us today to Provide a Data Solution to Solve Your Communication Problems

This mobile coverage and data installation was undertaken by Telstra Business Centre North West NSW a communications expert operating in the larger regional area surrounding Tamworth.  To contact them please email: tom.gayford@tbcnorthwestnsw.com.au or call them on 02 6763 3433.

For a referral to a local expert on mobile and wi-fi solutions in your area, please contact us HERE or email sales@powertec.com.au.

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