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M2M Routers – Vehicle Charging Points

Business Profile

Electrical Vehicle (EV) charging is not as common in Australia as in other parts of the world – especially Europe.  In UK this year alone sales of electric cars soared 85%.

  • R3000/R2000 transmits operating parameters like current, voltage or power, as well as sending alarms once failure.
  • R3000/R2000 monitors real-time operating data, such as transaction details through VPN, running time of charging sites.
  • With GPS positioning, R3000/R2000 helps customers to find the nearest charging site on app, providing better customer experience.
  • With WiFi hotspot, R3000/R2000 sets captive portal. R3000/R2000 can also remotely update digital signage on the front tablet of charging point. Both functions allow new functionality to the service providers.
  • Connected to IP cameras by Ethernet port, R3000/R2000 encrypts and transmits pictures /videos to control centre, providing a security system.

With RobustLink, the Robustel centralised management cloud platform, service providers can remotely collect data and conduct analysis for sites.

The Robustel GoRugged R2000 V2 with Wi-Fi is a rugged 2G/3G/4G M2M router offering state-of-the-art mobile connectivity for machine to machine (M2M) applications. Also for those that want an industrial 3G/4G modem for an internet connection, that can handle higher temperatures and robust applications.

The Robustel R3000-Q4LA Quad is a versatile, easy-to-deploy, rugged and reliable VPN gateway designed for harsh environment, providing seamless, secure, fast wireless connectivity to M2M/IoT applications.

Electrical Vehicle Charging and M2M Routers

But due to severe environment issues such as global warming and air pollution, the need to convert fuel vehicles to electric ones is becoming more and more obvious.

Due to the rapid development of the electrical vehicle market, the number of charging stations and points is growing by leaps and bounds.

Business’ focusing on charging point deployment have mushroomed.

Charging points are generally fixed outdoors and can endure severe environment factors, which makes management and maintenance challenging.

In addition, industry players are always searching for a comprehensive solution, combining charging, positioning, remote management, advertising and other functions.

Robustel Solution

Robustel is providing cost effective solutions to the charging point manufacturers in the EV industry, with their industrial grade M2M routers, both with the R3000 and the R2000 models.

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