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Wi-Fi Connectivity Solution Tindal RAAF Construction Camp

Business Profile

Tindal RAAF construction camp is located 320km south-east of Darwin in the Northern Territory with newly completed accommodation for construction workers. The 120 demountables have been relocated from Darwin. The development is arranged in double-storey clusters. Covered walkways link the building clusters and the mess hall.


Ensuring continuous Wi-Fi signal and connectivity within the construction camp.

There are several solid materials that the signal needs to be dispersed around.
The Challenge

As an active construction camp, a secure, robust wireless network was required.

Powertec responded to the tender for a local, reputable company to complete this install. Powertec’s Technical Engineer, Geoff Carroll developed a design to maximise connectivity throughout all areas of the construction camp, with minimal visible wiring.


Successfully achieve Wi-Fi coverage throughout the entire construction camp

  • Overcome range and penetration issues as a result of building materials
  • Clean design, minimise visible wiring

 Products Used

  • 50 x Altai A3c
  • 4 x Altai C1xan
  • 8 x 5G 9dBi Omni Antenna
  • AltaiCare Management System

The Solution

A3c product was selected for its superior range, distance and penetration through solid materials.  The choice of positioning underneath walkways and n enclosures reduced the visibility of the wiring throughout the camp.

The C1xan units linked the access points together via Wi-Fi rather than using cables.

The AltaiCare Management System allows the user to see: who is connected to the network, when they are connected, high traffic areas and ensures the connection is running well. This can be accessed by any device on or off the camp, providing constant visibility of the Wi-Fi connection and all the data  that is collected.

This product was also used during construction phase to ensure full coverage and remained in place after the construction was completed.


The Wi-Fi installation was a great success, providing signal coverage across all areas that were required.

The AltaiCare Management System is used regularly to ensure the connectivity is continuous as well as where the most users are connecting and utilising the Wi-Fi at the camp.

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