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New Resort Wi-Fi Solution on the Gold Coast

Business Profile

Telecommunications and technology specialist Key Communications and Powertec Telecommunications recently worked together to provide a resort wi-fi solution for a Surfers Paradise based Queensland vacation resort.

Products Used

After a thorough site survey, plans were produced to implement a resort wi-fi system to encompass the entire property. Products chosen to do the job were the Altai C1n Super WiFi CPE coupled with the Netcomm HS1200.

The Altai C1n includes a full set of networking and management features, the flexibility of this model means that it can be installed outdoors by a window, mounted to a wall, or on the rooftop of the building.

The Netcomm HS1200 is a wireless access point perfectly suited for authentication, authorisation and accounting purposes. It provides a high-speed secure wireless connection and supports the highest of security standards while at the same time being easy to install and operate.

The Solution

From the site survey it was determined that six devices would be positioned on top of chosen units to extend the outdoor coverage into indoor areas for broadband connectivity. The Altai C1n units were installed exactly where the signal strength was required to be the greatest.

Business Benefits

Once installation was complete, there was an instant improvement in the wi-fi range to the entire site. The internet speed was faster and reached into outlying areas and the quality was robust – with the frequency for wi-fi achieving 2.4MHz.

The Resort was delighted. Not only were they in control of their desired automated solution, but they were now also the recipient of the profits.


Key Communications Manager Ben Chester said “It was a great result all round. The solution was exactly what the business wanted. And it was implemented very quickly from client sign off.”

Sea Breeze Resort*, a lovely Gold Coast holiday complex offers a relaxing and exciting break for families visiting the area wanting the comfort of a low rise complex and the convenience of the Gold Coast beaches. It contains beautifully furnished 1 and 2 bedroom self-contained units – some of which are owner-occupied and some in the letting pool.

Nestled amongst beautiful tropical gardens, you can lose your worries and immerse yourself in the wonderful food, and entertainment that the popular Gold Coast tourist destination can offer.

But until recently, diehard internet users needed to rent certain apartments. The resort already had an existing wi-fi solution for their guests but the coverage stopped short of the outlying units – and those not ‘in the know’ had to suffer the frustration of finding a hot spot.

Sea Breeze Resort had an existing pay per use wi-fi system which had been running for 4 years – but unfortunately the wi-fi system service provider was making all the money from guest wi-fi use. In addition, some of the resort clients could not access wi-fi from the outlying units, and for those that could, the strength could be intermittent and sometimes very poor.

*Not the actual property name.

Business Needs

Sea Breeze Resort managers wanted to be in control of and own the guest wi-fi solution – a solution where the Resort would receive money from resort wi-fi use and not the service provider.

In terms of processing and guest interaction, the Resort wanted to:

1. Manually print out a ticket and enter the guest request for a certain amount of data or time.
2. Allow the guest to access a website out of hours to choose an internet plan and link with automated payment options.

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