Healthcare and Medical Wireless Connectivity Solutions

Increase patient care with faster communication. Powertec is empowering your medical team to analyse information in real-time and collaborate more efficiently.

Patient Safety Requires Strong Mobile Signals in Buildings

Doctors, medical support staff, and patients are often reliant on Wi-Fi and mobile devices to communicate in case of emergencies. This reliance is due to health workers and patients in hospitals, nursing homes and retirement facilities being distributed across multiple buildings at one location.

To ensure the health and safety of patients and extended families, it is vital that Wi-Fi and cellular signal in and between large buildings is available at all times.

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Reliable Wi-Fi Enables Electronic Records Management

Doctors and nurses continually login to medial record software to update, review, and manage patient data.

As medical teams are replacing clipboards with iPads to record information when treating patients, the importance of a reliable Wi-Fi network is crucial. The Powertec management team can assess, provide, and install comprehensive wireless network designs for hospitals and medical facilities to ensure medical records can be retrieved in real-time without data dropouts. Read more about the Wi-Fi solution for a Queensland hospital.

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Sharing Medical Imagery Improves Patient Outcomes

Medical practitioners regularly consult their professional colleagues for their insight. Multiple doctors and specialists will often speak together to diagnose patient ailments and confer amongst themselves, ensuring medical decisions are made with thorough consideration.

Mobile devices are a critical method of communication for doctors, connecting them to their peers in different hospitals.

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TeleHealth Trends in Reducing Patient Readmission

The need for high-speed internet in hospitals and general practices allows patients to connect more effectively than ever before. This proactive care can be powered by wireless connectivity solutions which Powertec specialise in. Telemedicine technology is also a great tool to reduce the cost of patient readmission.

As the healthcare industry replaces doctor visits with online communications and video, Powertec is ready and equipped to provide wireless connectivity infrastructure to buildings.

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Matrix Failover Phone Systems for Hospitals and Aged Care

Communication is mission-critical in life-threatening medical emergencies. Carers in hospitals and aged care facilities are now able to deploy failover phone systems. Matrix Gateways, exclusively distributed by Powertec, can give a landline handset the ability to operate on the 3G/4G network and broadcast text messages. This innovative call routing technology enables a direct link between a telephone system in a retirement home or hospital with the wireless mobile network.

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