Warehousing and Factories Wireless Connectivity Solutions

Automate vehicles to increase profitability. Increase uptime on mobile signals for handheld devices in warehouse and factories.

High-quality signal coverage for Warehouses using Autonomous Vehicles

As warehouses deploy autonomous vehicles to improve efficiency and profits, they need a robust Wi-Fi solution to ensure the smooth operation of these autonomous vehicles. The Wi-Fi network must be able to provide quality service simultaneously with the backend control system. Failure to do so could result in vehicle collisions and put the safety of warehouse workers at risk or lead to inventory damage.

Read more about the Altai Super Wi-Fi solution which Powertec can provide to warehouses and factories to ensure continuous wireless connectivity.

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Enabling Connectivity in Council Facilities

Governments provide civic services to the local community. Whether it’s keeping parks clean or planning to build a new library, wireless connectivity is crucial for council staff.

With different sizes of these facilities and locations, Powertec can advise government bodies on the most cost effective wireless connectivity solutions.

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High-Speed Data Exchange to Connect Machines in Factories

In the same way, warehouses are becoming more reliant on machines to improve productivity. Powertec’s IoT smart asset monitoring solutions allow manufacturers to gain complete control over their factory equipment and machinery. These monitoring solutions can measure connected machinery across all production lines on the factory floor and provide real-time information.

Combining low-cost IoT monitors and sensors with powerful analytics, Powertec enables manufacturers to analyse and improve resource consumption, energy demand, process execution and production efficiency, all while cutting down on manufacturing costs and defects.

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Improving the intermittent Telstra Signal at Norco Factory, QLD

Powertec’s design team and installation partners work together to design and implement wireless connectivity solutions for factories across all sectors in Australia and New Zealand. As factories, warehouses, freight vehicles, and retail stores increasingly use software to connect; wireless signals become critically important.

Powertec installed CEL-FI GO mobile signal boosters with Blackhawk internal and external antennas at Norco’s factory to improve the intermittent Telstra signal. Read more about the Norco factory wireless connectivity solution.

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Solar Power Solutions for Wireless Connectivity

Between Australia’s extended summer periods and the reduced cost of solar panels in recent years makes solar power an increasingly desirable solution for generating electricity.

Corrugated iron roofs on warehouses and factories are ideally suited to solar-powered systems. Powertec stock a range of solar-powered products. Whether you require power for warehouse and factory security camera’s or rooftop solar solutions, our team of experts can assist you to implement solar energy in your wireless connectivity solution.

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