In-Building Wireless Connectivity Solutions

In-building wireless coverage in multi-story office buildings. DAS solutions for businesses.

Custom Solutions for Increasing Mobile Signal in Buildings

With over two decades of experience, Powertec bring insights for commercial office managers looking to improve in building mobile signal for their workforce.

Powertec can design wireless connectivity solutions for small and medium businesses as well as large corporations. oOur team can meet with your organisation at your office locations, walk around the office site and design a tailored solution. From hospitals to offices, our team will provide practical insights into installations across multi-storey buildings, retail shopping centres, and other large-format buildings.

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Distributed Antenna Systems Solutions for Office Buildings

For larger offices, sports stadiums, large concert venues, hotels or business parks, distributed antenna systems (DAS) provide a mobile connectivity solution.

DAS solutions can be complicated to understand, particularly when analysing the cost versus benefits. The main advantage of DAS is the size of each antenna; they’re no bigger than a small backpack.
Our team at head office will be able to advise you on the right mobile DAS solutions. Powertec partner with professional, technical engineers who will install the DAS system we design.

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Multi-Storey Office and Retail Business Mobile Signal Connectivity

Large multi-story office complexes typically have connected walkways to dining and retail precincts, whether contained on lower floors or accessible at street level.

Australian office workers increasingly use these areas for internal meetings to create a relaxed atmosphere or meet vendors and contractors in a more casual setting. The need for in-building wireless connectivity solutions is essential for worker productivity when employees step out of the office to continue their work.

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Maintenance Workers in Building Carparks and Basements

Many large office buildings have undercover car parks and basements, which often have little or no signal for mobile phones. This is a result of the sub-terrain level and layers of thick concrete.

Maintenance workers responsible for repairs often have to work in small areas with little mobile signal or data connectivity. Boosting the mobile signal is essential for efficient asset management and routine check-ups to ensure adequate building maintenance.

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Improved Health & Safety

Powertec has implemented a new standard in connectors across all corporate CEL-FI projects. This decision was made with improved workplace health and safety as the primary goal.

Though CEL-FI is not officially classed as DAS (Distributed Antenna System) equipment, Powertec has made the decision to align as close to the DAS standard as possible for installs and equipment. This will assist Powertec and its partners to be considered by the industry as credible, professional and able to deliver quality installations.

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Powertec has 25 years expertise in consulting and management in agricultural and outdoor building wireless connectivity solutions.

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