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WiFi Solution – Environmental Waste Management

Business Profile

Our client, an environment waste management company are dedicated to providing safety and environmental solutions for waste management needs Australia-wide, but were struggling to maintain contact with the outside world having to deal with rapidly declining internet quality at one of their warehouses.

The outlying base of the company is situated in Ormeau Queensland, and occupies a standalone warehouse on an industrial estate among a number of other solo standing warehouses.  The estate is provided with internet access via cabling from a central point with separate cabling running to each warehouse.

Unfortunately the cabling to our Waste Company Tanker Offices was perishing underground causing their internet service to deteriorate over time.

After quotes to replace the cables, it was decided that a point to point wireless solution would be more cost effective than cable alternatives.

Business Needs

Basic internet access was a must to use the Company cloud based systems that connected all their offices around Australia. Two x Altai C1an’s were utilised to extend outdoor WiFi coverage into indoor areas for broadband connectivity. They were used as a standalone WiFi access point for this smaller network and operating at 5 GHz with fast Ethernet back haul.


The final solution resulted in a robust 130Mb/sec throughput – more than sufficient for the business and staff to operate to their full potential.

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